First Aid to Baby Pollen Allergy

You probably will be worried that your baby is showing symptoms of pollen allergy. Here are some first aid to baby pollen allergy.

baby-pollen-allergyFirst aid to baby pollen allergy should be immediately given if severe symptoms occur such as:

    • swelling of the mouth or tongue
    • difficulty swallowing or speaking
    • abdominal pain
    • nausea
    • vomiting or diarrhea
    • wheezing or difficulty breathing
    • dizzines
    • fainting

Epinephrine injection

First aid must be administered when the symptoms of the allergic reaction are severe. An injectable epinephrine or EpiPen can be used based on directions if you have this medication. The injectable epinephrine must be doctor- prescribed and be brought along at all times just in case a baby pollen allergy attack happens.

If your child is not old enough to handle the injectable medicine, anyone that is oftenly near your child or who cares for your child should know how to apply the injectible medicine.

Watch out for pollen allergy reactions

First aid to baby pollen allergy is a must since pollen allergies can trigger other medical conditions.

Pollen allergies may trigger an asthma attack on a child.

It may also cause swelling around the child’s mouth, the genitals and the eyelid. Swelling of the genitals may mean a deeper problem known as angioedema. Swelling in the throat can endanger your child that is why first aid to baby pollen allergy is a must.

Call for emergency assistance

You must still call for emergency medical assistance even after administering epinephrine. You can’t take risk with your baby’s health. Always make sure you bring your baby to the doctor to get checked and avoid any complications that can be life-threatening.

Any severe cases caused by pollen allergy still require the doctor’s attention. Mild pollen allergies can still be disruptive to everyday life of the child. What more for severe pollen allergy attacks? That is why first aid for baby pollen allergy must be given immediately.

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