How to Avoid Pollen Allergies?

How do you avoid pollen allergies? Pollen allergies surely cannot be avoided by hiding inside your house with all windows closed between April and November. If the pollen count outside your house is high, there is a good chance that some pollen will find its way into your home and into your system. However, tracking the pollen count in your area may be a good basis on whether to go outdoors or just stay inside.

Stay Indoor

If the pollen count in your vicinity is high, it is suggested that you stay indoors, close your windows but run your air conditioner. Remember that pollen counts are at the highest between 5 AM and 10 AM. Use an allergy mask just in case some pollen find their way into your house.

Avoid Contact with Pollen

Make sure not to get near clothes that have been suspended for drying outside your home or prevent those clothes from being brought into your homes. If outdoor pollen count is high, you might be bringing pollen right into your house.

Those coming home must also take their shoes off outside the house or wipe them thoroughly before entering the house.

Vacuum Your House

You can also use a vacuum with double bagging to clean the inside of your house to get rid of invading pollen.

Reduce use of carpets and drapes since pollen are easily adhered to these items.

Wash Away Pollen in Your Body

Always wash your face and hands after unavoidably being outdoors when pollen count is high to wash away adhering pollen then change all your clothes immediately. The used clothes should be washed immediately.

It is also advice to shampoo hair daily before going to sleep to remove pollen from your hair and bathe as well to remove pollen from your skin. An outdoor exposure would also require you to wear sunglasses to prevent pollen from entering your body through your eyes.

Take Allergy Medicines

Allergy medicines can be taken regularly two weeks before onset of spring to develop a shield or stabilize your immune system so as not to develop pollen allergy symptoms.

New kinds of allergy medicines such as antihistamines usually have no more side effects even when taken regularly to avoid getting the usual uncomfortable pollen allergy symptoms.

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