Allergy Testing

Allergy testing particularly for pollen involves a skin prick testing. It is used to confirm if your antibodies have reacted to a certain allergen as suggested by an allergist. Antibodies are produced by your immune system and exist in the mast cells in your skin to neutralize infection or any threat to your body such … Read more

Pollen Allergy Remedies

It’s the pollen season and pollen allergy remedies are very important specially during the start of spring. During the spring, about 50 million Americans are affected by the seasonal pollen and manifest uncomfortable pollen allergy symptoms such as itching, sneezing, wheezing, coughing and snorting. Old pollen allergy relief medicines may ease the symptoms but would … Read more

How to Avoid Pollen Allergies?

How do you avoid pollen allergies? Pollen allergies surely cannot be avoided by hiding inside your house with all windows closed between April and November. If the pollen count outside your house is high, there is a good chance that some pollen will find its way into your home and into your system. However, tracking … Read more